2020 Fumpkin Pageant

October 5th, 2020

Every year we look forward to seeing the creativity of our local dental team’s fumpkin (foam pumpkin) entries! This year’s theme is “Happy Camper” and the entries are fantastic!  Everyone is invited to follow LeMert Orthodontics on Instagram and Facebook and be entered to win a free pie when you vote for your favorite work of art!  Our talented dental teams are competing for some fun prizes: a spa package, a team dinner, and a basket of gift cards.  Let’s give a big shout out to this year’s participating dental teams:

Roseburg Entries

Aviva Dental

Driver Dentistry

Dr. Hamm

Harvard Dental Group

Hucrest Family & Implant Dentistry

Murphy & Miller

Dr. Norman

Dr. Randol

Smiles Riddle

Smiles Roseburg

Coos Bay Entries

Above Dental

Bee Happy Dental

Dr. Dixon

Dr. Holt

Dr. LeMire

North Bend Advantage Dental

O’Bryan Dentistry

Pahls Family Dentistry


March 15th, 2019

Unsure Girl

Some people don’t know this, but not everyone who pays for braces or Invisalign or other smile aligners, gets the results they should. In fact, after going through months or years of subpar orthodontic treatment, their TEETH, ROOTS, GUMS, & TMJ may actually be worse off than when they began! :/

Dr LeMert explains it like this, “There is a very specific way teeth are supposed to fit together.” Managing and completing this process requires TRAINING, EXPERIENCE and INTEGRITY.

When you think about your smile, you want more than “as fast & cheap as possible.” You want “long-term health & beauty.”

Dr LeMert is an Orthodontic Specialist and has been treating the wonderful people of Southern Oregon for almost 12 years. These people will tell you that in addition to his experience & commitment to excellent results, Dr LeMert is enthusiastic about YOU! This is why he is willing to retreat those of you who have had poor results from previous orthodontic-type experiments & experiences, but this is also why he would rather save you the time & money & potentially other damages by doing it right the 1st time.

If you have been considering a DIY or other discounted smile options, come see Dr. LeMert and the LO Smile Team instead. We would love to see you smile!

Battle of the Bands

July 31st, 2018

It’s been said, “Happiness is the fruit of DEFERRED GRATIFICATION.” What does that mean? To “defer” is to put aside what feels good & easy right now for the goal of obtaining SOMETHING BETTER, or more "gratifying" in the future.
For example: Athletes choose to practice even when they are tired, because they believe a win LATER is better than a movie & popcorn NOW!
For example: Students choose to focus on their studies instead of social media because they have a GOAL that’s BIGGER than today!
For example: We choose to take the time to listen & understand other perspectives, because we realize that CONNECTED RELATIONSHIPS are more important than the immediate protection of our own individual ideas. 
For example: LO Patients choose to wear their rubber-BANDS full-time even when it’s inconvenient or their teeth are sore because they understand that COMMITTING & a smile that's FITTTING :) is so much better than SLACKING & a bite that’s LACKING :(
Deferred gratification involves:
  1. VISION: Knowing what you want. (A beautiful, healthy smile)
  2. WISDOM: Knowing what you must do to get what you want. (Wear rubber bands)
  3. DISCIPLINE: Doing what you planned to do even when you don’t feel like it.(New BANDS in after every meal)
Do you have all three.... vision, wisdom, discipline? Choose DEFERRED GRATIFICATION  & get ready for MORE HAPPINESS in all areas of your life!!! ....... Drum roll please!

Wise About Wisdom Teeth

February 27th, 2018

Wisdom teeth, AKA 3rd molars, normally make their appearance in the later teen years, between the ages of 17 and 21.  Many of our very astute LO patients ask if erupting wisdom teeth will disrupt their beautiful straight smiles. The answer to this fabulous question is no. Research carried out at the University of Iowa found that wisdom teeth don’t actually exert enough pressure on the teeth in front of them to cause them to shift. Sensors were placed between the teeth of all the test patients. The results showed that there was no noticeable difference between pressure on the teeth of patients with wisdom teeth and patients without wisdom teeth.

Although you do not need to worry about your wisdom teeth wrecking your new straight smile, there are other factors that you would be WISE to consider.

  • If the wisdom teeth only partially emerge, a flap of skin can form, which partially covers the wisdom teeth and traps food making it difficult to keep clean. This, in turn, can cause tooth decay or gum infections.
  • Sometimes the wisdom teeth can become impacted, meaning they get wedged and stuck, possibly causing painful cysts, which may lead to infection and decay to the surrounding tooth roots.
  • Wisdom teeth can come in at awkward angles; they may be uncomfortable to your cheeks or difficult to reach for proper brushing and flossing.

Dr. LeMert or your general dentist is often able to identify these problems even before the wisdom teeth erupt by evaluating a panoramic x-ray. If the recommendation is to extract them, there will also be a recommendation on when to extract them. The best time to remove wisdom teeth is after they have developed past their jelly stage and are firm enough to grab hold of but before their long roots develop fully.

Although extracting is almost always an option, it's not always necessary. If you are one of the lucky few who don’t have any problems with your wisdom teeth, the good news is, you can keep them! As for the rest of us, we may not be as lucky, but we can still be wise!

When do I get my braces off?

February 27th, 2018

The ultimate ortho appointment is the one in which the braces come off and a new, beautiful, healthy, stable smile is unveiled!  Sometimes, our enthusiastic LO patients see perfection in their smiles months before Dr. LeMert does. What exactly is he looking for? Here are several smile send-off goals:

1. STRAIGHT TEETH with no spaces! This mostly happens during the 1st stage of orthodontic treatment. It is very exciting to see your smile straightening out! Oh yeah! But, that’s not the end of the story….

2. A CLASS 1 BITE! This happens mostly during the 2nd stage of orthodontic treatment. Although the changes during this time may not look as exciting, they really are. This stage is not so much about esthetics, but function. A class 1 bite, describes a bite in which all the back and side teeth are in the most ideal position for chewing. This is absolutely vital to the long term health of your teeth and not a step you would want to be cheated out of!

3. IDEAL OVERBITE! Overbite is a measurement of your front teeth. Ideally, the top teeth over hang and cover 20-40% of the bottom teeth. This is esthetically pleasing and most importantly, keeps your front teeth from wearing down.

4. PARALLEL ROOTS! You guessed it: Not only do your teeth need to be straight, your roots do too! If teeth are straightened without lining up the roots, the teeth will most likely return to their pre-braces starting position. YIKES! Dr. LeMert is able to leverage and move the individual roots by adding force to one or more of the 4 corners of each bracket. He adds the needed force by making custom steps, bends, or ties in the wires. Although your teeth look straight, trust Dr. LeMert that it is important to move your roots into a STABLE position, so your beautiful, healthy smile will last!

5. A SMILE to MATCH your FACE! Every smile, like every face is YOUnique! Beginning at your initial consultation and continuing throughout all of your ortho journey, Dr. LeMert is attentive to the harmony of your face structure and smile.

Variations in treatment time are due to many factors including how severe the teeth and jaw problems are to begin with, the age of the patient, the rate in which each person’s teeth move, and patient cooperation. Dr. LeMert usually gives a very close estimate of how long your treatment should last, give or take a couple months. However, there are 3 primary reasons, you could be in braces loooooonger than planned: breaking brackets, missing appointments, and not wearing rubber bands.

Orthodontics is a partnership of trust and cooperation between YOU & DR LEMERT! Let’s create a lasting masterpiece!

Can my Dentist do Braces?

February 27th, 2018


The answer to your “smile problems” is found in the philosophy of a complex society. Beginning in Mesopotamia with the transition from hunting & gathering to agricultural communities, societies have continued to advance the model of specialization.

Back in the days of Little House on the Prairie, Ma & Pa sold their crops and were able to trade for staples like flour, salt and sugar as well as tack and tools, and the occasional nicety like a glass window or velvet fabric. Still, their life required a jack-of all-trades approach and they did everything from build their own house to grow their own crops and sew their own clothing. They spent 14 hours a day, trying to get the basics done, with relatively limited time for researching, inventing, progressing or perfecting.

Increased specialization ensures that the group as a whole will certainly accomplish more, as each individual is free to focus on specific skills and contribute their expertise to society while relying on others to accomplish a multitude of things which the former is not as skilled in. The sum total of everyone’s efforts is significantly greater than any single individuals could be. According to Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. Your dentist is an expert at diagnosing and treating tooth decay, as well as identify various oral pathologies. Although everything teeth is technically included in the dental scope-of- practice upon graduating from dental school, expertise comes with years of daily practice. An orthodontist has completed 2-3 years of formal orthodontic training after dental school and straightens smiles, day-in and day-out, year after year.

In the same way that your trusted family doctor refers you to an orthopedic surgeon to realign a broken leg, your general dentist best cares for you by addressing smile problems that are within his expertise, and referring you to an Orthodontic Specialist for your orthodontic problems.

A referral, however, is not required and you just asked the right question. YOU are invited to schedule a complimentary consultation, and to ask more great questions. In our Complex Society, calling on each dental specialist for their unique set of 10,000 hours is how you will find your perfect “smile solution.”

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